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Get ready for an amazing weekend filled with the best experts in Finance, Health and Wellness, Careers, Building a Business, Home Design, Fashion, Community Service, Travel and more. We’ve spent the last year searching the globe to bring you the very best Seminar Speakers designed to motivate and inspire you to live your best life.

Legacy Made Simple: From Success to Significance, Presented by Gena Jones on Saturday at 11:30AM

Women play many roles. Our role in creating a legacy for ourselves, our family and our business, is often overlooked. Generational wealth and future family impact requires commitment, not just conversation.

Spider and Varicose Veins: What lies beneath?, Presented by Dr. Srinivas “Vasu” Rao on Saturday at 12:00PM

A discussion of how spider veins and varicose veins can be a sign of an underlying medical condition called venous reflux disease. This disease is progressive but can be treated in an outpatient setting and is covered by most insurances.

Dynamic Fit Activewear Fashion Show on Saturday at 12:30PM

Don’t miss the Dynamic Fit Activewear Fashion Show with the ideal activewear for every setting, including the gym, class, shopping, or any social gathering.

Legacy Vault: your legacy is our priority!, Presented by Tellis Bolden and Luke Hopkins on Saturday at 2:00PM

Have you ever lost a loved one?  And in addition to that lost, lost the legacy as well? What if there was a digital, secure way, to preserve your legacy, and pass your torch while it was still lit?

I Am A Survivor: From Tragedy to Triumph, Presented by Michele Lee Evans on Saturday at 2:30PM

Author Michele Lee Evans will be speaking on her survival of childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying, suicide and healing as detailed in her book, “I Am A Survivor: Stories of Tragedy & Triumph”.

Reverse the Pandemic of Chronic Disease, Presented by Dr. Bing You on Saturday at 3:00PM

weMED will show you how to feel and look 10 years younger inside and out. We will show you natural face lift, how you can reverse hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, hypothyroidism, kidney diseases, arthritis, and chronic pain.

How to Awaken and live with True Happiness 24/7, Presented by Awakened Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien on Saturday at 3:30PM

Do you want to live with unconditional, true happiness in any situation, disturbed by nothing? For the past 21 years, Awakened One Thich Dieu Thien, founder of Universal Door Meditation Center and author of international bestseller “The Power of Awake,” has been living with Awakened happiness every moment, opening wisdom mind and guiding people of all ages, cultures, religions, and backgrounds to live truly happy…free from the attachments that cause fear, stress, worry, anger, anxiety, depression…Meet her and find out how!

Getting into Retail Stores, Presented by Tiffany Cartwright on Sunday at 12:00PM

Come and learn how I got my products into Target, Wal-Mart, and Meijer! Hear the secrets to successfully pitching your products to decision makers!

LuLaRoe’s Forward-Fashion Showcase, Presented by 4X Emmy Nominated Designer, Julia Knapp & Friends on Sunday at 12:30PM

Don’t Miss LuLaRoe’s Forward-Fashion Showcase on the Main Stage. Experience LuLaRoe’s newest eye-catching styles. From the living room to the board room, in the gym, or out on the town, LuLaRoe has you covered! Meet us at the crossroads of Comfort & Style!

“Finding Your Solace,” Presented by Tina Townsend on Sunday at 2:00PM

Solace Sanctuary Athleisure Apparel is intentionally fashioned for diversity, movement, and body positivity. These eye-catching pieces reinforce your inner power while exuding external feminine beauty. Solace Sanctuary…embrace, feel, move freely.

Discover the Wellby Difference, Presented by Eric Moreno on Sunday at 2:30PM

At Wellby, you’re more than just an account holder and our purpose is to help turn your dreams into reality. Come and learn how Wellby services and how they can assist you in your financial goals.

Exposing Medical Gaslighting and Boosting Your Healthcare Confidence, Presented by Teresa Akintonwa on Sunday at 3:00PM

Have you ever felt that an illness or pain wasn’t serious enough to see a doctor about? We’ll highlight 5 signs of medical gaslighting and what you can do to stand-up for your rights to wellness.